Bedroom Colors – What colors to avoid!

Confused a bout what bedroom color to choose? Check the article below for bedroom color traps and what colors for bedrooms are best avoided so you create a haven of peace and tranquility.

I often receive emails about Feng Shui bedroom color traps – which ones not to use and why?  This is mainly due to the fact that your bedroom should be a place of peace and tranquility.  If you are unsure what Feng Shui bedroom colors DON’T achieve this, please read on…

Feng Shui bedroom colors to avoid are:


Red stimulates physical activity and growth.  It’s why so many young children prefer the
color red – it’s typical of their energetic, youthful exuberance.  So, if it’s restorative
sleep you are after, painting your bedroom color in red will not cut the grade.  You’ll simply feel too stimulated, agitated or anxious.

Plus, you could be in overdrive on the sensual excitement front, so be careful.  Limit red to accent colors only – red candles, lamps, cushions and other accessories are fine but avoid large splashes of red.


Black is an inward focusing bedroom color that absorbs energy and invites introspection (a possible reason why monks and nuns wear black).  When you sleep your energy field retracts and moves back into the body so it’s restored or replenished for the following day.  So, on first glance, black is suitable for a bedroom color on an energetic level.

However, surround yourself in too much black and you’ll feel overwhelmed, a bit on the low side or even depressed.  In no circumstance, would I use black as a bedroom color for children.


Much like red, yellow is a stimulating color, so I’d advise against using it as a bedroom color.  Yellow tends to focus the mind and intellect so is not ideal for a space that you want to kick back and relax in.  Remember, the energy of a bedroom and related Feng Shui bedroom colors should be settling and relaxing rather than uplifting and stimulating.  Keep yellow for your home office.


I’ve been to quite a few homes where the bedroom color is ALL white.  Yes, white represents innocence and purity but, all too often, an all white bedroom color can be too stark and sterile.  White is great for bouncing light and energy around a space (particularly if confined) but it’s not an easy bedroom color to relax in so avoid it as your main bedroom color.


I never recommend using brown as a bedroom color.  Brown reeks of old age, staleness and stuck, immovable energy.  Brown seems to be a popular bedroom color here in the UK at the moment and is often marketed as chocolate or mink when it’s really just plain, old brown.

Choosing soft, subtle feng shui bedroom colors over heavy ones such as brown and black is advisable.  The same applies to sharp contrasting colors, keep these for other areas of the home.

Where do you go from here?

Now you know what Feng Shui bedroom colors to avoid, it’s time to focus on what Feng Shui bedroom colors best achieve comfort and tranquility.  Read my next post on this very topic!

All the very best.

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