Bedroom Colors – Foster Love, Romance and Diminish Sleeping Disorders

In my last post I focused on what bedroom colors to avoid. This time I would like you to focus on what you want to achieve in the bedroom since I will be going over different colors to add to your bedroom to achieve different things.

My hope is that you are looking for your bedroom to be a haven – a place of comfort and tranquility.  So, let’s analyze a few Feng Shui bedroom colors that may achieve this for you:

GREEN – to soothe and calm

A light shade of green will soothe, calm and balance the emotions – an ideal bedroom color to sleep in after a stressful day at the office.

Green also fosters great healing qualities so, for example, if you are suffering from sports related injuries or have trouble with knee joints or the muscles, try painting your bedroom color green.

BLUE – for overcoming sleep disorders

Blue is ideal bedroom color in Feng Shui terms as it helps combat insomnia.  Blue is also associated with serenity and relaxation.  It is known to induce sleep.  So, if insomnia is a problem, a light or ‘warm’ shade of blue is one of the best colors for bedrooms.

Blue can also be used to reduce stress and tension.  So, if you and your partner are arguing then see if the addition of blue relieves the strain.

Useful Tip

Light blue tends to expand a space (useful if you have a small bedroom).  Darker shades of blue can lead to melancholy, inertia or laziness.  Darker shades of blues will also carry with them too much water energy.

Water in Feng Shui represents feelings and emotions.  So, to keep emotional sensitivity at bay, go for light blue colors for bedrooms!

Violet or lavender – for meditation or spiritual connectivity

Violet or lavender is one of my favorite bedroom colors!  Violet is the best bedroom color for meditation, introspection and spiritual healing.  So, if you retire to your bedroom to meditate or practice mindful breathing, this is one of the best bedroom colors for you.  Violet will enable you to unearth or retune your intuition or psychic ability whilst you sleep.

Warning! I’d advise against deeper purple colors for bedrooms as purple contains red in it which, as mentioned last week, may be too stimulating.

Pink – for relationship difficulties

Pink is the color of the heart chakra so it carries with it a feminine, nurturing and loving quality.  Pink radiates warmth and affection – often useful if couples are arguing and need to reestablish solid ground.

Pink is also one of the most supportive feng shui bedroom colors for divorcees.

It also contains mild sedative qualities, so pink is one of the best bedroom colors if you are having difficulty sleeping.

Orange – looking for romance

I once painted one wall of my bedroom in orange!  This is because I am an earth 2 in the 9 star Ki system of Feng Shui Astrology and orange is an earth color.
Orange was also chosen because my bedroom lay in the relationship (2) area of the ba gua, for which earth colors are recommended.

However, the third reason for choosing orange was to stimulate romance!  Orange is associated with enthusiasm and optimism which is exactly what I needed on the ‘man front’ at this time.  It warms a place up (and your relationship).  This is the bedroom where I spent a lot of time talking, having fun (and I won’t divulge the rest) with my then boyfriend and now husband.  So, try painting one wall in orange if you are looking for romance.

Warning: Avoid painting all walls in orange or again you’ll feel too stimulated and find it difficult to relax.


Remember, warmer bedroom colors like red, yellow and orange increase your pulse and breathing rate whereas cooler bedroom colors such as green or blue reduce your pulse rate and, therefore, are more likely to induce restful sleep.

In the next post, we’ll discuss the best colors for bedrooms for your children.  Color affects children in different ways to adults, so you’ll want to ensure you are choosing the right bedroom color for Feng Shui perfection.

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