Best Feng Shui Clutter Solutions

This article will go over Feng Shu Clutter – what is it and how does clutter clearing or clutter organization make you feel?  Also why you should initiate clutter clearing and clutter organization in your home!

According to, clutter literally means “A confused or disordered state or collection”.  You’d think that a word with such negative connotations would be kept as far away from our personal lives as possible, and yet this isn’t so.  Feng Shui clutter in homes has reached an all-time high, thanks in part to society’s “buy buy buy” mentality.

When I hear clients talk about clutter, they use the same words to describe how they feel.  They use words like “drowning”, “suffocated”, “wasting time”, or “overwhelmed”.  All very negative, don’t you agree?

Think about how you feel when you walk into an environment where there’s no evidence of clutter organization, whether it’s your own home or someone else’s.  You might tense up, feel upset or on edge, or even confused or disoriented.

Feng Shui clutter tends to accumulate in areas of the home where the energy is already stagnant.  Similarly, clutter blocks the energy of the space when it does accumulate…so it’s a vicious circle.  Once Feng Shui clutter gets hold, it has a stagnating or debilitating effect on your life.

Now think of how you feel when you walk into a home that is NOT cluttered…where the occupants clearly have a grip on the whole clutter organization process.  How do you feel?  Balanced?  Calm?  Happy?  These are some of the emotions that you are striving for when you embark on your Feng Shui journey.  Clutter clearing means that energy or chi can flow freely around your home, feeding your soul and creating the space for new opportunities to come your way.  It’s not rocket science!

So, let’s start by defining what Feng Shui clutter is.  There are lots of different definitions on what constitutes Feng Shui clutter.  While your grandmother’s broken teapot may be a priceless heirloom to you, to your next-door neighbor it would be out on the curb in a matter of seconds.  That old saying “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure” is definitely true!

Guidelines to Define Feng Shui Clutter

Below are some guidelines you can go by when trying to define Feng Shui clutter.

Anything that you do not use or love

Your grandmother’s broken teapot is a great example of this.  No, you can’t use it, but you love it.  It’s special to you, so it’s not considered “clutter”.  However, anything that is neglected, broken or forgotten can go!

Too many of something

One teapot is good.  20?  Now that’s Feng Shui clutter.

A disorganized mess

If you’ve got a room filled with paper, impulse buys, cosmetics, and other “stuff” you haven’t touched in months, that’s Feng Shui clutter.

Unfinished projects

That scrapbooking pile that’s been lying in your living room for 6 months has gone from “creative project” to “clutter”.  If you haven’t gotten to it by now, chances are you won’t.  It needs to go.

PC Clutter

Yes, you can have computer clutter!  We get tons of emails these days, most of which are spam.  If you’re not cleaning out your computer regularly, purging old emails and files, then it’s going to add up just as your mail does if you don’t sort through it.

Too much stuff in a small space

Living space seems to come at a premium price these days.  This means that we are living in smaller homes where offices double up as bedrooms and living/dining/kitchen areas all merge into one.

Consequently our homes contain far too much stuff (furniture, storage units, shelving and tables) for the space provided.  Clutter organization is vital in such small spaces.

What to do about clutter

There are probably plenty of things in your home right now that fall into one of these categories, right?  There’s no shame in admitting it!  Clearing clutter is not an easy task. Yes, even I have clutter too!  But, I now make it a number one priority to return to a beautifully ordered place…that promotes peace, comfort and serenity at the end of the day.

Ready to do something about the clutter in your life using the principles of Feng Shui?

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