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Feng Shui and the Power of Intention for Western Feng Shui or Black Hat Sect Feng Shui!

Plus, the top three cures for helpful friends, travel and guides sector of the ba gua


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1) Feng Shui and the Power of Intention for Western Feng Shui or Black Hat Sect Feng Shui

As I've already mentioned on my webpage (www.easy-feng-shui.com) when I was first introduced to Western Feng Shui or Black Hat Sect Feng Shui back in 1996 I was a full on skeptic.
So, when Elizabeth (Western Feng Shui consultant and later teacher) first came to my two bed flat I did not believe that positive change would come about - even though the recommendations seemed logical!  

I even remember Elizabeth advising me to remove the ivy from my rear garden wall and guaranteeing that my relationship would take off as a result.  In the back of mind I thought this was a bold and rather foolish statement.

Whilst tearing down the ivy I remember thinking to myself that I'd 'lost the plot' and what a foolish way to spend a weekend.

However, something did shift that weekend and my partner knocked on my door on Monday evening with a bunch of flowers in hand.  It proved to be the turning point in our relationship.  It was events like these that soon replaced skepticism with joy and belief that Feng Shui actually does work!  

So, belief is not necessarily a prerequisite when starting out.  It's always good to test out ideas and see if they make a difference before whole heartedly believing in them.  We are, after all, intelligent individuals who like to experience proof!

However, one cannot ignore the fact that Western Feng Shui or Black Hat Sect Feng Shui teaches us that our homes are extensions of ourselves.  What's happening in our home simply reflects our inner energy field or inner state.  

For example, moving water in the home traditionally represents money so pay careful attention to leaky lumbing which can indicate a financial loss. Equally, overflowing drains can indicate an overload of emotional issues.  

If we are so deeply interconnected with our homes then we have the power to make our Feng Shui cures or hanges even more effective by using personal empowerments or the power of intention.  

Feng Shui power of intention is what Master Lin Yun, founder of the Black Hat Sect Feng Shui or Western Feng Shui movement, advocates.  He has stated that by using the power of intention you can enhance your cures and placement by up to 120%.    

By this I mean being totally aware of every change that you make in the home and setting clear goals and bjectives of what you'd like the outcome to be. This is the power of intention!

Don't forget that where intention goes, energy follows! We are not just talking about your conscious intention here we are also talking about your subconscious intention.  So, as you Feng Shui your home make sure that all changes andcures are implemented with positive and strong intent (Feng Shui power of intention).

When you focus mind, body and soul on the changes you are making you are setting yourself up for success!

So, how do you go about becoming clear about your intention? Traditionally, Black Hat Sect Feng Shui or Western Feng Shui encourages the following ritual which you are welcome to try.  

Firstly, once you've implemented a change in the home you'll want to clear it of all negative energy.  To do this, you can use what's called the 'dispersing mudra'.  A mudra is a hand position used traditionally by monks, clergymen
and Popes as a way of calling in or invoking energy.  

The dispersing mudra is achieved by extending your index and pinky fingers outwards, curling your middle and ring fingers inwards towards your palm and holding them in place by your thumb. Then, flick your middle and ring fingers outwards so that you dispel the negative energy surrounding the object or cure you've implemented.  

Repeat this action three or nine times whilst chanting the mantra 'om mani padme hum' again three or nine times.  

The mantra 'om mani padme hum' is my favorite mantra and means 'jewel in the heart of the lotus'.  It refers to our Buddha nature or greatest potential for good which arises from the lotus, a symbol of compassion.  This mantra is particularly effective for dispelling negativity and bringing about peace and harmony.  

So far then, you'll have used the mudra associated with the power of the body plus the mantra associated with the power of speech to energize your Feng Shui cures.  

Lastly, all you need to do is visualize a desired outcome whilst using the mantra and the mudra at the same time.  You'll then be using the power of the mind plus speech plus body to fully balance the energy.  

I appreciate that chanting in Sanskrit may seem rather odd, especially if you are a beginner.  However, if this seems too 'left of field' then at least try visualizing
your desired outcome.

For example, are you trying to bring a new relationship into your life?  What would this chap   look like?  Are you trying to create a lively setting for social gatherings?  Who would you invite?   What would you eat and drink?      

In short, make sure you set time aside for clarifying your intent.  Once you are clear about what you are trying to achieve you can then let go and create the right environment for success!



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3) This month's QnA (question and answer section)
The top three cures for the helpful friends, travel and guides sector of the ba gua.  

+++++ Question +++++

Dear Clare,
Thank you for your interesting feng-shui newsletter.  I understand my girlfriend better now.  My question is about the helpful friends part of the ba gua.  Just how can I activate this area?  

Any thoughts, please email.

Thank you,

+++++ Clare's response +++++

Dear Denise,

The helpful friends, travel and guides area of the ba gua
relates to your support system in life.  Do you have helpful friends to turn to in a crisis?  Is there someone there to guide you in times of strife?  It also relates to how much you give of yourself.

According to the laws of karma (Hindu karma that is), if
you are willing to give of yourself emotionally and
spiritually you'll also find support when you need it most.

This area also relates to your spiritual guides and whether you derive help through intuition or a higher source.  Another facet of this area of the ba gua is its connection to travel and overseas opportunities.

So, how can we activate this area which can be often
overlooked in favor of more pressing issues, i.e.
wealth, health and relationships?  

1 Hang pictures of where you want to travel

As this area of the ba gua is related to travel you may want to place pictures of an exotic location you've always wanted to visit or live in.  I put pictures of France in this area (when I was living in UK) and ended up moving to France to live.   

I'm now back living in UK so I'll have to put some pics back up of France to speed my return there!

2 Hang pictures of angels or spiritual beings

If you feel alone in life and would like more of a support network, place pictures of angels, guardians & spiritual beings in this area of the ba gua to attract the right kind of help you need.

3 Hang photos of you enjoying yourself with friends

This area of the ba gua is associated with helpful friends so it's great to reflect this by introducing photos of you enjoying with friends.  Equally, if you are looking for a more active social life (maybe you are trying to bring romance into your life), try putting your telephone and address book here.  

It's all a matter of symbology, don't forget!

Hope this helps!  



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