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Feng Shui For Wealth – Tried-and-Tested Feng Shui Tips for Improving Your Finances and Creating Lasting Prosperity


No matter where you turn right now, you are still seeing images of a struggling economy. Even with the introduction of a new administration, politicians are quick to point out that the economy is far from fixed – and it is likely that the present economic downturn will continue for a while.

Take a deep breath for a moment.

Let’s start off by saying, it’s okay. While you don’t want to ignore the money concerns in your life, creating negative feelings about them is not going to help.

You want to change the way you look at money and how you approach money in order to restore the positive energy of wealth and prosperity. There is no better time to start looking at the ways Feng Shui can help you. This ancient practice has been helping people stay balanced – even in the
roughest financial waters.

Why do you think billionaires such as Richard Branson and Donald Trump have turned to Feng Shui in the past as a way stimulating their prosperity? If they use it, then you can too!


Feng Shui Plants

This article will show you how to create your perfect Feng Shui garden with tips on good and bad Feng Shui plants! Plus, where to place your feng shui plants in the home.

I’ve been tending to my feng shui garden lately in an attempt to keep it alive with healthy Yang energy or positive, healthy Chi. This is a pursuit that, admittedly, is more suited to the summer months.  However, I do try to keep wild and unruly weeds at bay all year round.

Flowers that are obscured by weeds, overgrown lawns and hedges, rotten leaves and tree stumps, piles of grass cuttings, dead plants and rubbish left lying on the ground will impede chi flow to and from your home and create an overriding sense of doom and gloom.

In Feng Shui, plants are said to represent the element wood (a life giving element that oozes Yang energy). You’ll, therefore, want to balance the right type of plants or Yang energy with Yin elements, such as shady areas that offer protection from the midday sun.

Although plants in Feng Shui generally represent Yang energy and need a fair amount of sunlight to flourish, some plants are naturally Yin plants and grow in the shade.  These include ferns (Asplenium scolopendrium), hostas, hellebore and woodland cyclamen.  You are ultimately striving for Feng Shui balance in the garden with taller bushes and leafy trees giving way to low lying flower beds and shrubs.

Matching Feng Shui plants to your specific soil type and climatic conditions is also an important factor in getting the balance right in the perfect feng shui garden.  Try  to ensure that soil is well aerated or turned over and avoid it becoming waterlogged or overrun with ants and other insects.  If you do have waterlogged soil try adding sand to stabilise it.

Generally speaking, the most popular feng shui plants are those with round, heart-shaped, thick and succulent looking leaves. Plants that flower and provide fruit are also favoured in Feng Shui as are well established plants that indicate longevity, for example, evergreens (which don’t shed their leaves in winter).

Let’s take a more detailed look at what most Feng Shui practitioners recommend as good feng shui plants that give off nourishing chi.


Feng Shui Colors

Creating the changes you want with Feng Shui colors!

This article will show you how to pick the right feng shui decorating colors to create the exact ambiance you are looking for in your home!

Using Feng Shui colors is a sure way of creating effective and long lasting changes in your home.

Color creates mood and establishes atmosphere when you first walk into a home.  It can either lift or dampen spirits or have a calming or vitalising effect.

Take a moment to think about the expressions we use in relation to color.  “She sees everything through rose tinted spectacles,” or “She saw red,” or “He was green with envy,” or “I feel sad and blue today”.  This shows that color has a powerful effect on your emotions (even if you are not aware of it).