Feng Shui For Wealth – Tried-and-Tested Feng Shui Tips for Improving Your Finances and Creating Lasting Prosperity


No matter where you turn right now, you are still seeing images of a struggling economy. Even with the introduction of a new administration, politicians are quick to point out that the economy is far from fixed – and it is likely that the present economic downturn will continue for a while.

Take a deep breath for a moment.

Let’s start off by saying, it’s okay. While you don’t want to ignore the money concerns in your life, creating negative feelings about them is not going to help.

You want to change the way you look at money and how you approach money in order to restore the positive energy of wealth and prosperity. There is no better time to start looking at the ways Feng Shui can help you. This ancient practice has been helping people stay balanced – even in the
roughest financial waters.

Why do you think billionaires such as Richard Branson and Donald Trump have turned to Feng Shui in the past as a way stimulating their prosperity? If they use it, then you can too!


When times get tough, you might start to think that nothing’s ever going to improve. This in turn creates a cycle of negative thinking. Hey, we all do it. We begin to think about the worst case scenarios in regards to money and to our futures.

Does this sound familiar?

“Oh no, my 401K is plummeting. I’m not going to have enough money to retire or to help my children with college. I’m going to have to work for the
rest of my life and even then what if I get sick? How will I pay for it?” Etc.

We need to stop this temporary insanity right now. This type of thinking is called the scarcity mindset. It includes:

  • Thinking you don’t have enough money
  • Thinking you won’t ever have enough money
  • Thinking the money you do have isn’t going to get you very far

When you focus your attention on what you DON’T have, you create the energy of not having. Seems pretty common sense, doesn’t it?

What you need to do is to turn your mind around and turn your mind onto the idea of having plenty, of having enough to satisfy all of your desires and needs.

This means you need to work on your internal Feng Shui and your internal energies.

  • Remove the idea of ‘not enough’ from your vocabulary and thoughts
  • Argue with your thoughts if you begin to think about scarcity
  • Take inventory of all that you have in your bank accounts, investment accounts, etc.

Again, focus on what you DO have (and be grateful for it) and you will begin to see your life isn’t filled with scarcity; it’s filled with plenty of money and

Since like attracts like, the energy of having enough will help to attract the resources you need to continue that sensation of stability and calm – no matter the financial storm.


Once you’ve begun to change your internal Feng Shui, it’s time to start looking at another common thought process that many people have – a fear there is not enough to go round.

Well, it makes sense, doesn’t it? At least, on some level.

We think that there are trillions of people in the world and we can’t all have enough, so WE’RE the ones that will somehow not have the money we need to have.

Here are some ways to avoid delving into this common fear:

  • Realize there are unlimited resources available to everyone
  • Recognize that not everyone’s needs are the same
  • Understand that having enough doesn’t mean you have a large surplus

Within this world is enough money to give everyone ‘enough’ by any definition. But you’ve probably noticed this doesn’t happen on a daily basis. Some people starve, while others thrive.

This disparity in wealth is a completely different issue for another time, but since less than 5% of the world has 90% of the wealth, according to some estimates; it seems there is certainly enough money to go around.

What you should also keep in mind is that the needs of your family may not be the same needs as the family down the street. After all, Bill Gates of Microsoft doesn’t need the same amount of money that you do.

Because we all require different versions of ‘enough,’ there will always be enough wealth to attend to these different needs. Think about the different costs of living and how they vary. $100 might go a lot further elsewhere than it does where you are now.

Another thing many people need to recognize is that while having a lot of money might be the dream, having ‘enough’ doesn’t necessarily mean you will be rich beyond your dreams and swimming through piles of money.

(Would you really want to do that?)

Having enough equates to having all of your basic needs attended to, while also having enough on the side to do things that make you happy.

There is enough money to go around. Changing your mindset to understand this in a logical manner will help to further improve your energy in relation to money and to the wealth you want to bring into your life.

The money’s out there, waiting for you.


Have you ever done something similar? You’ve seen a flashy car and just for a second, you’ve questioned how that person has acquired enough money to purchase such an extravagant status symbol. Was it through drugs or profiting off the backs of others or by some other unscrupulous means?

See what’s happening here? Subliminally, you have equated money with evil and with bad people. It’s no wonder people find it difficult to bring money into their lives. No one wants to be a bad person, but when you tell yourself that it’s a qualification of being wealthier, you limit yourself and your potential.

After all, many people who are wealthy spend their money on charities and on positive causes, trying to do some good in the world. Take Bill and Melinda Gates – they are two of the World’s biggest philanthropists donating a whopping proportion of their wealth to their chosen charities.

What are your thoughts and feelings about money? Take a few moments to consider how you feel.

Does money make you feel…

  • Excited?
  • Stressed?
  • Fearful?
  • Angry?
  • Worthless?
  • Happy?
  • Jealous?

The truth is that most people have mixed emotions about money because you’ve probably had positive and negative experiences with it. For example, you might have gotten mad when your mortgage payment went up, so you cursed money. But when your salary also went up, money was the good guy again.

In order to stimulate the energy of money and of abundance in your life, you need to look at money as a positive force. And it is.

Money allows us to:

  • Live safely and comfortably in our homes
  • Attend school and classes
  • Wear nice clothing
  • Go on vacations
  • Help those who are less fortunate
  • Give back to our religious groups
  • Etc.

By seeing money as something that does good and that is a force that can make you happy more often than not, you can begin to see how it not only is something you should welcome in your life, but it’s also something you should avoid criticizing.

After all, that richer person with the fancy car has the money to buy something lovely – and that’s their prerogative. Think about their car payments – maybe that’s not something you want in your life anyway. But recognizing that it’s not the money that’s the negative power is what will change your life (and your check book) completely.

Start picturing money as positive, helpful, abundant, etc. – and that’s exactly what it will become in your life too!


Finding the right place to focus your energy in your home is an essential step in using Feng Shui in your home.

The eight sided Ba Gua is a powerful tool, but if you’re not quite sure where the wealth corner is, how can you ever get started?

The wealth corner of your rooms and your home is located in the furthest left hand corner from your doorway or entrance to the room. This is the corner where you will want to apply Feng Shui cures for wealth and generally pay attention to during tougher financial times.

Right now, it might be a good idea to head to this corner of your home’s rooms or of your office where you are generally making money.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What does this corner feel like?
  • What is missing from this corner?
  • Is this corner hard to find?
  • What is negative about this corner?
  • What is positive about this corner?

In taking just a few moments to evaluate this corner of your home, you will begin to get a sense of what might need to change in order to bring more money energy into your life.

I’ve just looked at the wealth corner of my office whilst writing this and, to my horror, found that I’ve got a paper shredder sitting there. Shredding my wealth literally! Well, even us Feng Shui consultants get it wrong from time to time!

So, head to wealth corner now and take a peak!


One of the biggest issues in everyone’s homes is too much clutter. Honestly, how many times have you searched for hours for something you could have sworn was on the counter just a few days ago?

Our lives are so busy and so chaotic at times that we simply can’t always keep things as clean and as junk free as we might like.

But in terms of holding onto positive energy, it’s essential that we begin to take steps to clear out the things which might be holding us back. When we have too much clutter in an area, we are creating a place for energy to simply sit and stagnate.

When energy does this, it can’t move freely in our lives and in our homes, potentially holding back our ability to attract wealth and abundance.

Let’s start off slowly and begin to clear away these piles of potential chaos.

  1. Start in your Wealth Corner – Look at this corner now to see what might be piling up. If you see clutter, it’s time to remove it and put it into its respective places. This is not the time to simply move the clutter away and into another part of your home (we’ll talk more about how this can still affect your wealth potential later….).
  2. Remove anything that does not need to be where it is – It’s easy to spread out your things when you need to use them for a specific purpose, but when you are trying to allow for Wealth energy to move freely in your life, it’s holding you back.
  3. Get rid of things which aren’t working and which aren’t serving a purpose – That old broken radio? It’s time to toss it or fix it. Whenever you hold onto something that’s useless or broken, you are attracting the same type of energy. And you don’t want to attract brokenness when it comes to your money, do you?
  4. Organize your bills and other money related items – With all of the paper we receive for our financial decisions, it’s no wonder we are often buried in paperwork and bills. But to help establish a positive and flowing energy pattern for your finances, it’s time to create a system that works for you and for your life.Get a file folder, for example, and create different sections for the bills you need to pay and the papers you need to file. Not only will you ensure you pay your bills on time, creating a healthy credit rating and financial history, but you will also be allowing your money matters to be clutter free!By looking after your bills and statements, you are saying to the Universe ‘hey, I can handle money so send me some more’.

But the real key to clutter control is keeping it up! You will want to spend a little time each day trying to keep your counters clutter free and to keep your living and working spaces free from obstacles.

Think of it this way, each time you leave something in the way of energy, you block the possibility and the opportunity for more money and financial stability in your life.

And as an added bonus, you will not only have a cleaner and more peaceful home, but you will also begin to see the things you already have accumulated in your life. Too often, we forget we have and thus think we are doing without.

That is far from the case.

By taking a few minutes each day to keep things tidy, you will reap the benefits in your money matters (I can assure you of this).

If you need further tips on how to clear clutter and a solid game plan to kick start the clutter clearing process, please click here for a system that will finally help you get control.

It will help you reach the goal of an orderly, peaceful living space with ‘all the comforts of home’.


If you stop to think about it, money does affect all aspects of our lives. From the people we take care of to the kinds of jobs we choose, money is a part of many of the decisions we make and the experiences we have.

Thus, while it might be easier to start with the Wealth Corner of our homes, it can’t be the only place we direct our energies and our efforts.

Looking at the other areas of the Ba Gua will also make a difference to our financial well being.

Let’s do a sort of tour of the Ba Gua, starting at the furthest middle part of the room from the doorway, to the right of the Wealth Corner, moving clockwise around the room:


  • In this area, it can help to include pictures of those who are wealthy, perhaps even placing your picture on top of theirs.
  • Or you might want to create a headline for a future newspaper that proclaims an upturn in the financial markets.
  • Create a fake newspaper article that talks about your own financial success story.

Relationships and Love

  • Use pictures of happy financial times to decorate this area, or display items you’ve bought with a partner during financial booms.
  • Post images of things you and your partner want to do when you have the money available – vacations, items you want to buy, etc.
  • In terms of bolstering the energy of your relationship with money, try lighting two red candles in this corner to stimulate growth in relation to your money.

Creativity and Children

  • In this section, try adding artwork that enhances the energy of creativity in this area. This will enhance that positive flow of creativity in relation to money and finances.
  • Try adding pictures of your children in times when they had all they needed financially.

Helpful People

  • In this area, you should think about keeping a list of the people who can help you should you have troubles with money. Of course, you might never need this list, but knowing you have a Plan B is always a good thing.


  • Since your career and wealth are inextricably entwined, you will want to make sure this area is as clean as possible, so that energy can flow easily in this location.
  • Try decorating this area with green and blues to enhance the energies as well as the calm in relation to career and money.
  • You might also want to keep your pay stubs in this area so as to attract the energy of more money coming your way, as it already does now.
  • Try adding a water feature, like a fountain, to this space as it stimulates the energy and helps to boost your career prospects.


  • In this location, you might also want to keep positive books and other tools that can help you with your financial questions. In this way, you’re never going to struggle because you don’t have the right information. I like to keep a couple of Suze Orman’s money related books here.


  • Again, have pictures or symbols of family times when money was not an issue. This will help to continue to attract the energy of positive feelings in relation to money and the home.
  • Consider a plant that you take care of regularly, as a symbol of yours and your family’s financial growth and health.

Health – The Center of Your Home and Rooms

  • It is crucial that this area be as clear as possible so that energy can easily pass through and flow to other areas of your home.
  • Try hanging a crystal from the center of the ceiling to spread the energy throughout the room.


Of course, it’s always better when you have a list of what will enhance your prosperity and wealth energy, isn’t it? Here are some of the top cures and symbols you can use in your home today to help attract money energy and help you to keep the money you have now during this credit crunch.

  • Make Sure Your Entrances are Clear – When your doorways are blocked in some way (either with physical objects or poor hinges), you are blocking energy and more importantly opportunities for wealth from entering your home.
  • Colors – Green and turquoise are associated with wealth, thus you should try to incorporate those colors into your decorating ideas as well as outfits you choose. It can’t hurt, after all.
  • Jade Plant or Money Tree – These lush green plants are strong energetically in relation to wealth and abundance. Try placing one of these in your Wealth Corner, taking care to ensure it is alive and thriving over time.
  • Wind Chimes – When you use 6 cylinder wind chimes, you will encourage energy to flow in your life and scatter to all spaces of your experience. Always use a 6 cylinder wind chime as 5 can actually block energy flow.
  • Fish Tank with Goldfish – Setup a fish tank with 9 goldfish in it – eight gold and one black, if possible. This water energy will stir up your wealth flow quickly.
  • Lighten Up – If you notice any parts of your home are naturally dark, you might want to find ways to brighten them up. Add candles or lighting to ensure energy is able to move freely in these spaces.
  • Get Rid of Dying Plants – Symbols of death and demise are not what you want in your home when you are trying to encourage financial health. Remove anything that might be dying or do your best to nurse it back to health.
  • Remove Anything that Reminds You of Negative Money
    Memories – If you have paperwork of past money failures, try to remove it from your home. This will only attract more negative money concerns and you don’t need to do that!
  • Review the state of your wallet or purse
    Ensure that your wallet is clutter free at all times and not full to the brim with old receipts that date back to the year dot! Your wallet should be neat and well organised with specific places for credit cards, coins, notes, business cards etc.If it’s old and fraying at the edges invest in a new one – preferably a
    red wallet as red will help energize your finances.

But the most important thing you can do is to sit and think about how your living space and office feels to you. If either of these spaces feels stagnant, dank or dark, you need to look for ways to get the energy moving again.

Try opening up your windows from time to time, for example, to let new energy in.

Listen to your intuitive thoughts about the way things feel – and the money energy will be boosted as a result!


In order to create a blank slate for your new financial future of prosperity and confidence, you might want to perform this little ritual on a daily basis. Don’t worry, it only takes a few minutes to complete.

  • Use a smudge stick or incense to cleanse your home, focusing on the Wealth Corner. Picture the negative energies of this area disappearing as the smoke fills the room.
  • Repeat to yourself three times, “My wealth is abundant. My life provides all I need and want. My money is secure.”
  • You can then ring a bell to future scatter the energy of your intention in your home, or simply smudge again to ensure you are starting each day with a clean slate.

Money worries are a regular topic for discussion in the current climate, but when you learn about the ways Feng Shui can help, you will rest easier. And so will your check book!

Wishing you abundance in all areas of your life!

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