Five Essential Feng Shui Crystal Tips

feng-shui-crystalDiscover five essential Feng Shui crystal tips for hanging Feng Shui crystals in windows to deflect bad chi and encourage positive shi as well as use of hanging crystals in windows to restore balance and health in the home.

Feng Shui crystals are possibly the one cure or enhancement that people, who are new to Feng Shui, are keen to get hold of and use in the home. And it’s not hard to understand why.

Feng Shui Crystals and gemstones have been revered over the centuries primarily for their beauty but secondly for their healing qualities and spiritual properties.

Shamans and priests have traditionally made use of crystals for healing purposes and crystal healing still attracts a huge following as a way of connecting to certain properties that restore the natural balance of your body.

Similarly, the use of Feng Shui hanging crystals within the home can either energize or expand the energy or correct an energy imbalance, providing an aura of calm and quiet contemplation.

So, I’d like to focus on five basic ways that Feng Shui hanging crystals (namely faceted Feng Shui crystal balls) in the home can be used for positive effect.

Tip #1

Hanging a clear, white quartz Feng Shui crystal ball (faceted in shape or simply a sphere) in your window will make your home sing with positive energy!

White or clear stones contain within them all the colors of the color spectrum. You’ll see this most clearly at play on a sunny day. The Feng Shui crystal will absorb and reflect the sun’s rays which, in turn, are projected, directly into your home. Note how you’ll see little rainbows of light dancing on your walls.

As the white of the quartz helps clarity, cleansing and purification you’ll be able to feel the sense of harmony engendered by this powerful but basic Feng Shui crystal cure.

Tip #2

Feng Shui hanging crystals (in particular Feng Shui crystal balls) placed in the center of long, narrow hallway or foyer will slow the flow of chi down.

This Feng Shui use of crystals is particularly beneficial if you have a back door which is located directly opposite a front door and you want to halt beneficial chi from entering your home and exiting almost immediately via the back door.

Just as in the first example, the Feng Shui crystal ball will firstly absorb and then reflect light…thereby redirecting chi flow to other areas of your home that need nourishment.

If you want to guide chi/energy to certain rooms that lead off the long hallway or corridor then Feng Shui hanging crystals are best placed just outside the entryway to each room that opens off the hallway.

Tip #3

Hanging a faceted Feng Shui crystal ball above your head when you are working at your desk will sharpen your focus and clarify awareness.

This is a great Feng Shui use of crystals for students who are studying for exams and need to retain large quantities of information.

If hanging a Feng Shui crystal directly above the desk is not possible, try placing a natural quartz crystal on the desktop in the 8 sector of the ba gua (study, knowledge and meditation or bottom left hand side of the desk as you are sitting at it).

You can ‘power up’ your Feng Shui crystal even further by placing it under a table lamp which will often direct light through the crystal and help it interact with the light.

Selenite is one of the best Feng Shui crystals for removing confusion and heightening awareness when studying.

Tip #4

Hanging a faceted Feng Shui crystal ball just above a picture or image of what you’d like to be doing in life somewhere in the 1 sector (career) of the ba gua will serve to activate energy here … even if your Feng Shui crystal only gives out a tiny sparkle!

The Feng Shui hanging crystals here will serve as a subconscious tool to reinforce the energy of career and help you achieve your goals.

Tip #5

Hanging a Feng Shui crystals in windows (namely a faceted crystal ball) where negative space or a missing corner appears will activate the chi that was missing. It will encourage chi flow into the room and your life!

Just in case you’ve forgotten, negative space or a missing corner is where there is a chunk out of your floor plan. The chunk must be less than half the total length or breadth of the wall that’s seen as missing.

Bonus Tip

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I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about these simple but effective ways of hanging Feng Shui crystals in windows and other areas of the home.

All the very best!


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