Helpful friends, travel and guides sector of the ba gua

The helpful friends, travel and guides area of the ba gua relates to your support system in life.  Do you have helpful friends to turn to in a crisis?  Is there someone there to guide you in times of strife?  It also relates to how much you give of yourself.

According to the laws of karma (Hindu karma that is), if you are willing to give of yourself emotionally and spiritually you’ll also find support when you need it most.

This area also relates to your spiritual guides and whether you derive help through intuition or a higher source.  Another facet of this area of the ba gua is its connection to travel and overseas opportunities.

So, how can we activate this area which can be often overlooked in favor of more pressing issues, i.e. wealth, health and relationships?

Hang pictures of where you want to travel

As this area of the ba gua is related to travel you may want to place pictures of an exotic location you’ve always wanted to visit or live in.  I put pictures of France in this area (when I was living in UK) and ended up moving to France to live.

I’m now back living in UK so I’ll have to put some pics back up of France to speed my return there!

Hang pictures of angels or spiritual beings

If you feel alone in life and would like more of a support network, place pictures of angels, guardians & spiritual beings in this area of the ba gua to attract the right kind of help you need.

Hang photos of you enjoying yourself with friends

This area of the ba gua is associated with helpful friends so it’s great to reflect this by introducing photos of you enjoying with friends.  Equally, if you are looking for a more active social life (maybe you are trying to bring romance into your life), try putting your telephone and address book here.

It’s all a matter of symbology, don’t forget!

Hope this helps!


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