How to activate your Feng Shui money corner

Feng Shui cures for activating your money corner! I have included my three top Feng Shui cures to boost the wealth sector or Feng Shui money corner. This is the 4 area of the ba gua.

Jade Plant or Money Tree

A jade plant symbolizes strength with large, heart-shaped leaves whereas the money tree boasts succulent, rounded leaves. Both are excellent for energizing this area of the ba gua.

A Six Cylinder Wind Chime

The sound waves created by wind chimes can either moderate or activate chi. They create a circular energy of sound which is protective and nurturing. A six cylinder wind chime is best used to activate chi in your Feng Shui money corner.

An Aquarium or Fish Tank with Goldfish

Water, as you know, is great for activating energy especially if it’s kept bubbling by means of a water pump. Add fish to the water and this will stimulate the water or chi even further. However, keep your aquarium spotlessly clean as dirty, stagnant water could have a detrimental effect to your Feng Shui money corner and overall wealth & abundance.

Hope this helps!

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