Feng Shui House Number Cures

I recently got the following question in my email

I hope you can help me with a really desperate problem.

My husband and I moved into our home two years ago. Since then absolutely everything has gone down the toilet including my triple A credit rating. I was on a feng shui web site and found out that my house numbers were really bad.

Is there a way to deal with this other than selling the house. I’d really appreciate any help you can give me in this area.

The house address is 2512 Della St., the house was built in 1993/1994. I was told the house numbers created disputes, quarrels, lawsuits and struggle.

This describes exactly what has gone on for two years in our house. I’m absolutely at my wits end.

I thank you for your help with this problem.

It is true that numerology plays a significant part in defining the energy of your home. Feng Shui house numbers are symbols that carry their own vibration or spiritual capacity.


Best Feng Shui Clutter Solutions

This article will go over Feng Shu Clutter – what is it and how does clutter clearing or clutter organization make you feel?  Also why you should initiate clutter clearing and clutter organization in your home!

According to Dictionary.com, clutter literally means “A confused or disordered state or collection”.  You’d think that a word with such negative connotations would be kept as far away from our personal lives as possible, and yet this isn’t so.  Feng Shui clutter in homes has reached an all-time high, thanks in part to society’s “buy buy buy” mentality.


What is the Feng Shui Ba Gua?

What is the Feng Shui Ba gua? Plus, how to lay out the ba gua map over your floor plans to create the life you want.

The Feng Shui ba gua is a map of how energy moves within any given space (bedroom, garden, desktop, plot of land or even a bookshelf). Understanding how to use the ba gua map will reveal the invisible pattern of energy within these spaces.

The Feng Shui ba gua is also a powerful tool for enabling you to see that your home is an extension of your true self.

Once you’ve learned how to lay out the ba gua map it will reveal exactly what’s happening in different areas of your life so that you can make changes.


Five Essential Feng Shui Crystal Tips

feng-shui-crystalDiscover five essential Feng Shui crystal tips for hanging Feng Shui crystals in windows to deflect bad chi and encourage positive shi as well as use of hanging crystals in windows to restore balance and health in the home.

Feng Shui crystals are possibly the one cure or enhancement that people, who are new to Feng Shui, are keen to get hold of and use in the home. And it’s not hard to understand why.

Feng Shui Crystals and gemstones have been revered over the centuries primarily for their beauty but secondly for their healing qualities and spiritual properties.

Shamans and priests have traditionally made use of crystals for healing purposes and crystal healing still attracts a huge following as a way of connecting to certain properties that restore the natural balance of your body.

Similarly, the use of Feng Shui hanging crystals within the home can either energize or expand the energy or correct an energy imbalance, providing an aura of calm and quiet contemplation.

So, I’d like to focus on five basic ways that Feng Shui hanging crystals (namely faceted Feng Shui crystal balls) in the home can be used for positive effect.


Helpful friends, travel and guides sector of the ba gua

The helpful friends, travel and guides area of the ba gua relates to your support system in life.  Do you have helpful friends to turn to in a crisis?  Is there someone there to guide you in times of strife?  It also relates to how much you give of yourself.

According to the laws of karma (Hindu karma that is), if you are willing to give of yourself emotionally and spiritually you’ll also find support when you need it most.

This area also relates to your spiritual guides and whether you derive help through intuition or a higher source.  Another facet of this area of the ba gua is its connection to travel and overseas opportunities.

So, how can we activate this area which can be often overlooked in favor of more pressing issues, i.e. wealth, health and relationships?


Power of Intention for Western Feng Shui and Black Hat Sect Feng Shui

As I may have mentioned when I was first introduced to Western Feng Shui or Black Hat Sect Feng Shui back in 1996 I was a full on skeptic.

So, when Erin (Western Feng Shui consultant and later teacher) first came to my two bed flat I did not believe that positive change would come about – even though the recommendations seemed logical!

I even remember Erin advising me to remove the ivy from my rear garden wall and guaranteeing that my relationship would take off as a result.  In the back of mind I thought this was a bold and rather foolish statement.


Taoism and Feng Shui – What is Ying versus Yang, Wu Ji and Tai Ji?

These terms are referring to is Toaist philosophy.  The study of Taoism and Feng Shui begins with an understanding of the Tao which basically advocates living in harmony with the natural world as opposed to against it – sound familiar?

The Tao focuses on the process by which all things are created and how they eventually return to the source.   Wu Ji or Wu Chi is usually represented by a whole circle and symbolises the Tao, the source of all things.   It represents a state of stillness and harmony.


What is Feng Shui?

All you need to know about Feng Shui fundamentals!

Over the past month, I’ve received a number of mails from people inquiring about the true meaning of Feng Shui and Feng Shui fundamentals.

I looked back over previous articles hoping to copy and paste a reply and to my astonishment I found that I had not previously written about about Feng Shui fundamentals or its true meaning. Shame on me!

So here goes……