The top ten Feng Shui mistakes and how to avoid them!

#1 Not clearing your clutter first

It may be tempting to rush in and immediately festoon your home with Feng Shui cures & changes but before you do this STOP! You need to clear your clutter first.

But why is clutter clearing so important? Clutter quite simply represents stuck or stagnant energy. If you are feeling tired, stuck, confused, overwhelmed or are finding it hard to move on you probably have some serious clutter to attend to.

If you then introduce Feng Shui adjustments, i.e. crystals or mirrors to a clutter zone you’ll intensify the effect of the clutter and add to your problems.

Getting rid of items that you either do not love or that do not serve a purpose will produce positive and long lasting results.

Typically, after clearing clutter you’ll find that you:

  • feel more energized and ready to embrace life • clear yourself of emotional baggage
  • waste less time searching for things
  • save money on buying things twice
  • free up chi flow to create a fresh, healthy home
  • make space for what you really want in life
  • have greater clarity and a sense of purpose

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Not setting personal goals

Once you’ve cleared your clutter you’ll feel a lot more focused and able to think about your personal goals and what you’d like to achieve with Feng Shui.

Once again, it’s no good throwing a bucketful of cures around the place just because a book tells you to. This would result in chaos!

What you need to decide on is your personal goal or what area of your life needs improving the most. Deciding on one specific area such as career, love, health or wealth enables you to make the necessary adjustments to balance the energy according to your specific needs.

If you take on too much at once you won’t be able to judge what’s working and what isn’t. You’ll feel overwhelmed and lose interest quickly.

Prioritizing and taking it slow allows you to fully integrate the changes and see whether they make a difference.

If you feel, after a couple of months, that nothing has happened you can always revisit an area and try a different approach.

Choosing inappropriate cures that don’t reflect who you are

When people are first introduced to Feng Shui they invariably rush out to buy a whole host of Feng Shui related items. I know I’ve done it myself! This can include crystals, mirrors, incense, wind chimes, water fountains and that’s just for starters!

On many occasions I’ve seen Western homes transformed into what I call ‘Chinese boudoirs’ littered with three-legged toads, Fu Dogs, Kwan Yins, red ribbon and bamboo flutes placed at 45 degree angles under heavy beams.

All well and good if you live in Asia and Fu Dogs are part of your cultural heritage. Don’t get me wrong there is absolutely nothing wrong with Fu Dogs.

My point is, try to surround yourself with items that are harmonious with your own culture and surroundings. Pick items that speak to your heart and fill you with joy when you look at them and, above all, that resonate in your world.

Go here to learn how to place cures effectively in your home.

Not remaining open to possibilities

When you first embark on your Feng Shui journey try to remain open and trust that Feng Shui and the Universe are propelling you onto where you should be.

For example, it may be that you want to activate your career and decide to make changes in your home to reflect this. You may even set your intent and allow your thoughts to create a new reality – a move sideways into a more creative role working 35 hours instead of 60.

If, however, you do not achieve your desired outcome or your dream job, do not despair. Be prepared to be flexible. It may be that the Universe has other plans for you. What may seem disastrous at the outset may prove to be the best long term solution. Try to see beyond the day-to-day grind and look at the bigger picture.

Trying to take others on the journey

As positive change kicks in and you start to believe in the power of Feng Shui you may be eager to share your experiences with others. While there is no harm in telling your friends and family about your positive results with Feng Shui you can’t expect them to start using Feng Shui techniques themselves. Understanding only comes when you experience positive change for yourself.

What you have to realise is that some people are just not ready to move forward (even if they say they are). For example, those who cling to their clutter may at a subconscious level be clinging to the past and too fearful of taking a step into the unknown.

This is OK! It’s up to that person to judge when he or she is ready to move on. You can’t do it for them.

Using Feng Shui solely as a means of creating material wealth

Over the past ten years much noise has been made about how Feng Shui can increase your material wealth. Whilst I agree that people have experienced great success with Feng Shui in this area one should not overlook the importance of creating a home that supports and nurtures you in other areas too.

It doesn’t take much sense to figure out that if you are fit, healthy and feeling inspired about your work that material wealth will follow. It’s all about striving for balance and harmony in all things. Focus on what’s truly important and the rest will click into place.

I’d also like to highlight that the ‘wealth’ sector of the bagua is not solely about creating material wealth. It also relates to your personal abundance and whether you feel truly blessed in life. Do opportunities come your way? Does your family acknowledge you for your good deeds? Have you just been promoted at work?

Go here to learn more about the different characteristics of the bagua and how it can help you understand what’s going on in your life.

Mixing Feng Shui schools or theories

One of the greatest causes of Feng Shui confusion (and there’s a lot out there) is that various schools or forms of Feng Shui take a different and often contradictory approach. It certainly took me a while to get to grips with the different schools.

When starting to learn Feng Shui it’s best to pick one school (that you feel drawn to) and stick with it. Although all schools teach the basic universal principles of Feng Shui mixing methods is not advised. Once you’ve properly mastered one school there’s nothing to stop you expanding your Feng Shui knowledge by moving onto another school.

If you are reading this report then you are probably already drawn to what’s known as Black Hat Sect (BHS) Feng Shui. This is a contemporary school of thought that is widely practised in Europe and the US. It was developed approximately 20 years ago by Thomas Lin Yun and draws on Tibetan Buddhism, Native American heritage and Taoism. It’s a more spiritual approach to Feng Shui.

BHS does away with compass-based rules that may be difficult to use in apartments or irregular shaped buildings. It also allows for modern design and contemporary living. Its emphasis is on creating a free-flow of positive energy, encouraging you to look at your home – and yourself – in a new light.

Go here to learn more about BHS Feng Shui and how to create a sacred space which provides protection and peace.

Ignoring what your home’s telling you

In Feng Shui we learn that our homes are an extension of who we truly are. We have chosen the décor and filled it with our prized belongings (or clutter in some cases). So, our homes become metaphors for what’s happening in our lives, often mirroring our reality.

Take a look at what’s happening with the maintenance of your home. For example, moving water in the home represents money so watch out for leaky plumbing. This can often indicate a financial drain of some sort. Similarly, if cracks are starting to appear in your relationship, check out the ceilings of your home.

Overlooking the Predecessor Law

In Feng Shui there’s something known as the ‘Predecessor Law’. This means that when you move into a home you automatically inherit what went before (on an energetic level).

This means that history often repeats itself as the home can be stuck to the same pattern or cycle. This is why people are so reluctant to move into homes where things like murders or divorce have taken place. They are fearful (and rightly so) that the pattern will repeat itself.

Scaremongering aside, all this can be changed by learning to cleanse the space and welcome in new, revitalising chi. This will clear the home of any stagnant or negative energy that may have built up from previous arguments, sadness or even death that may have seeped into the walls.

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